Optimum Blue Foam Applicator


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The Optimum Blue Foam Applicator is designed for the application of Opti-Seal or any Optimum coatings and is perfect for applying any other wax or sealant. The strap on one side fits snug on your fingers and helps make the process much easier. Always keep a few on hand for any wax or sealant application. After the application is complete, you can wash the foam applicator with a mild detergent and reuse it again after it is fully dry.

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1 review for Optimum Blue Foam Applicator

  1. Dan’s Detailing LLC (verified owner)

    This foam applicator design with the handle is simply genius. I use these pads for applying my tire and trim dressings as well as all ceramic coating on all surfaces. You cannot find an easier tool to apply ceramic with when it comes to hard to reach areas. These pads work best in circular motions when applying ceramic. 5 stars for sure I get 10 or 20 when I make my orders but if you take care of them and rinse them in ONR after using them they are absolutely reusable!

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