Are you ready to get Optimized? 

One of our core beliefs at Optimum is efficiency. We believe that Optimum manufactures the best products in the world to save you time and save you money. Several years ago we noticed that something was missing. We realized that we could make the best products in the world, but that without a program to show people how to use them to their potential, they were unable to extract the best possible performance out of them.

This program is designed to take you and your business to the next level!


5768 Distribution Drive Memphis TN 38141
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Price: $1,200 per person
Lunch Included
Email or call us at (901) 363-4955 to reserve your spot today.
Limited availability!

We Thrive On Taking Our Installers To The Next Level

Years Running
People trained
Average efficiency gained

1,000’s Of Trainings Done Worldwide

But It All Starts Here. At Home.

Exterior Detailing

We will go over every facet of exterior detailing. Washing, claying, protection, sanding, polishing and applying Opti-Coat.

Interior Detailing

Ever polished a leather seat? We will go over interior detailing and how to do it quickly, efficiently and what tools you should be using when doing them.

Business Advice

Being the best at detailing isn’t the only thing that’s required to have a successful business. You need to know how to manage marketing, sales, handle employees…we go over all of that.