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Optimum Glass Towel is another high quality Microfiber towel from Optimum Polymer Technologies that is also lint free. Optimum Glass Towel is the only towel of its kind that cleans glass without chemicals, making glass cleaner chemicals virtually obsolete. Optimum Glass Towel is great for cleaning exterior glass surfaces as well as interior ones. Optimum Glass Towel also removes bugs from front windshields and the painted surfaces with slight buffing.

To put this amazing glass cleaner to test, slightly dampen Optimum Glass Towel with water and wipe half of the interior windshield glass and compare. The results will be crystal clear. One Optimum Glass Towel lasts hundreds of washes and saves consumers a great deal of time and money. Optimum Glass Towel also makes cleaning windshields much easier since there is no need to race against the glass cleaning chemicals running off.

Most glass cleaner solutions have pungent chemicals like ammonia that burn mucous, alcohol, and other harmful VOCs such as glycol ethers. These chemicals are hazardous to your health and the environment. Optimum Glass Towel replaces the need for these hazardous chemicals, and makes this unique product extremely consumer friendly, as well as environmentally friendly.

Optimum Glass Towel also reduces the cost of cleaning and waste by replacing many rolls of paper towels. That is why Optimum Glass Towel is ideal for automotive use, as well as for use on glass surfaces around the house.

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