Foam Lance Gun with Connection Hardware Set


  • Perfect accessory for your pressure washer to produce thick foam
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Works perfectly with Opticoat Mwash, Optimum Car Wash, Power Clean or Ferrex

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The Optimum Foam Lance fits your high-pressure water unit to produce a thick coating of foam while pre-soaking your car.

Using your Opti-Coat M-Wash combined with the Foam Lance as a pre-soak will assist in releasing dirt particles from the surface before you come in contact with the paint. Removing these dirt particles beforehand means fewer swirl marks in the paint and maintaining your flawless finish for longer.

By using an Optimum Foam Lance to produce a thick layer of foam, this foam “clings” to the surface produces a more effective clean prior to using a wash mitt or sponge.

Foam Lances can be purchased with or without the connector hardware.

Foam Lances that include hardware will include (pictured from left to right) Karcher K-Series, Karcher HDS, Bosch, Lavor, and Gerni. All connectors will require the included silver straight edge piece with the exception of the Karcher HSD connector.

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