Opti-Metal Coat

Opti-Metal Coat


The Ultimate™ Solution For All Metal Surfaces

What is Opti-Metal Coat™?

Opti-Metal Coat™ is a rapid curing ceramic coating. It is designed to bond to all metal surfaces and prevents ongoing oxidation. So, it prevents unnecessary damage during cleaning and provides corrosion protection. It creates an extremely strong bond to metal surfaces while providing high corrosion resistance to acids and chemicals. The waterproof properties provide easy care for all automotive, marine, aviation and industrial coatings. Overall, it is the ultimate in metal coatings.

How does it work?

Opti-Metal Coat™ has a rapid curing process to prevent early failure on porous metals. This means that the ceramic resin hardens the upper surface of the material. It also seals within the tiny metal pores. Thus, it creates a resistant coating for the surface against oxidation. Due to its chemical structure, it won’t come off during cleaning. For this reason, the metal surfaces are protected from harsh chemicals that could etch and damage the metal finish. Opti-Metal Coat™ provides protection to top coat, powder coat, or any paint job. When dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants land on these surfaces, it creates a premium shield against harm. It is the ultimate in coating systems.

Opti-Metal Coat™ is ideal for bare metal paint jobs as well. As a coating product, it protects non-clear coated aluminum, brass, chrome, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. It protects other highly-polished metals too. Specifically, Opti-Metal Coat™ protects against tarnishing and oxidizing. Because of this, the shine of the polish remains. It can also be used on housewares and appliances with powder coat finishes. Kitchenware can easily rust or corrode, but Opti-Metal Coat™ prevents this potential damage.

Why does it matter?

Harsh chemicals will damage your finish over-time. With Opti-Metal Coat™, you have provided the ultimate protection for your paint job as well as bare metal products. You know that oxidation is one one of the fastest moving ailments to your top and powder coats. You know how hard you have worked to ensure that sheen polish. You need to protect it. Opti-Metal Coat™ ensures the protection of your bare and raw metals. At the same time it prevents unwanted surface rust. This means that when you clean your surfaces, they are safeguarded against damage.