Optimum MDR Mineral Deposit Remover


Optimum MDR™ Mineral Deposit Remover is the most advanced cleaner that dissolves and removes mineral deposits and other contaminants from exterior automotive surfaces. It is a non-abrasive chemical cleaner that will dissolve and remove water based contaminants without the need to polish or abrade the surface.

Simply wipe Optimum MDR™ on painted or other automotive surfaces to dissolve and remove minerals.

A combination of acids and cleaning agents will break down and dissolve these contaminants and make the surface clean and smooth again witout affecting or removing paint!


Pour Optimum MDR™ on a clean microfiber towel or foam applicator.
Wipe on the surface and work it in for 30 – 60 seconds.
Wipe off the residue and check to see if the surface is clean and free of mineral deposits.
Repeat the above steps as required to remove any remaining contaminants.
Wash the surface to remove any remaining chemical residue.

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