Opti-Coat Slip Solution 4 oz.

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Opti-Coat® Slip Solution is designed to be used with Opti-Coat® Paint Protection Film for The Ultimate™ bonding and ease of installation.  The 4 oz. concentrate makes 8 gallons of Ready to Use Slip Solution.

●    Easy to use.
●    Highly concentrated formula. Use 0.5 oz. per gallon.
●    Environmentally friendly.
●    Contains no petroleum based products.
●    No lotions, wax or additives.
●    Eliminates the need for alcohol.
●    Allows time to adhere.

Use on a cool car, preferably in a controlled environment.
1.    Mix 0.5 Slip Solution concentrate into 1 gallon of distilled or tap water.
2.    Spray diluted Slip Solution liberally on the surface of vehicle and on the Opti-Coat® PPF.
3.    Keep the film lubricated during installation.
4.    If you need to reposition the film, apply Slip Solution liberally to keep the vehicle surface and film fully lubricated.


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