Opti-Coat® Fabric Clean & Protect 16 oz.


Opti-Coat® Fabric Clean & Protect cleans away grease stains and spills from fabric and carpet surfaces while leaving behind a polymetric protectant to maintain your Opti-Guard Protection. Opti-Coat® Fabric Clean & Protect contains substantive polymers that trap and remove dirt and grime while bonding to the fabric to protect the surface from contaminants. 

  • A powerful cleaner that is also safe for carpet
  • Has built-in polymers that provide protection afterward
  • No diluting necessary


Directions: Vacuum floor matt to get out loose dirt. Spray Opti-Coat Fabric Clean & Protect onto carpet liberally and brush. If using a carpet extractor or steamer proceed to steam or extract carpet. Vacuum after and let dry totally.


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