Optimum Interior Cleaner


Optimum Interior Cleaner is the ultimate solution for maintaining the condition of your vehicle’s interior. This advanced formula is specifically designed to effectively clean all interior surfaces, including leather, without damage or discoloration. You can confidently apply Interior Cleaner to a wide range of materials, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, dashboard components, fabric, and plastic trim. Its innovative composition features specialized polymers that trap and gently lift contaminants away from the surfaces. With a simple wipe, remove dirt, greasy residues, fingerprints, and dust, leaving behind a spotless and refreshed finish.

  • Safely Clean All Interior Surfaces Including Leather
  • Easy Spray and Wipe Application
  • Polymers Trap and Lift Dirt to Protect Surfaces as You Clean

1. Vacuum and/or remove any large contaminants from the vehicle interior.
2. Spray working surface with a mist of product.
3. Using a clean Optimum microfiber towel, wipe away excess product.
4. For stubborn stains, repeat application.

After Care:
After cleaning with Optimum Interior Cleaner, follow with Optimum Interior Protectant for surface restoration and UV protection.

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