• Optimum Power Wheel and Tire Cleaner is a must for any professional or enthusiast when it comes to wheel and tire cleaning. The acid-free formula is safe for use on all wheel types, including sensitive aluminum wheels. Formulated with a proprietary blend of polymers, Power Wheel Cleaner traps dirt on wheel and tire surfaces and lifts it away, ensuring that the surface is protected from marring while you agitate. Experience the remarkable power of Power Wheel Cleaner as its fast-foaming action breaks-up brake dust, oil, dirt, and even light corrosion, leaving behind a flawless, spot-free finish. Elevate your tire care routine with Power Wheel Cleaner-the ideal prep step for applying Opti-Bond Tire Dressing or Optimum Tire Shine.
    • Spray Application for Quick and Effective Wheel and Tire Cleaning
    • Acid-Free Formula is Safe on All Wheel Types
    • Breaks-up Stubborn Brake Dust, Oil, Dirt, and Light Corrosion
    • Polymers Encapsulate Dirt to Protect Finishes While Cleaning
    • Perfect Tire Prep Before Applying Tire Dressing
    Directions: 1. Spray product generously over wheels and tires, coating the surfaces. 2. Allow product to sit for 1 minute. 3. Wheel Application: Agitate the wheel surface lightly with an Optimum wheel brush to remove any stubborn residues. 4. Tire Application: Agitate the tire surface with an Optimum wheel brush, or for a deeper clean, use a drill with wheel brush attachment. 5. Rinse surface thoroughly and dry wheel surfaces with a microfiber towel. 6. Allow tire surfaces to dry completely before applying Optimum tire dressing.  
  • Optimum Interior Cleaner

    Optimum Interior Cleaner is the ultimate solution for maintaining the condition of your vehicle's interior. This advanced formula is specifically designed to effectively clean all interior surfaces, including leather, without damage or discoloration. You can confidently apply Interior Cleaner to a wide range of materials, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, dashboard components, fabric, and plastic trim. Its innovative composition features specialized polymers that trap and gently lift contaminants away from the surfaces. With a simple wipe, remove dirt, greasy residues, fingerprints, and dust, leaving behind a spotless and refreshed finish.
    • Safely Clean All Interior Surfaces Including Leather
    • Easy Spray and Wipe Application
    • Polymers Trap and Lift Dirt to Protect Surfaces as You Clean
    Directions: 1. Vacuum and/or remove any large contaminants from the vehicle interior. 2. Spray working surface with a mist of product. 3. Using a clean Optimum microfiber towel, wipe away excess product. 4. For stubborn stains, repeat application. After Care: After cleaning with Optimum Interior Cleaner, follow with Optimum Interior Protectant for surface restoration and UV protection.
  • Optimum™ Waterless Wash and Shine Car Wash allows you to safely wash your car anywhere, anytime-without water. This spray and wipe solution is formulated with proprietary polymers that encapsulate dirt and lift it away from the surface, leaving behind a protective polymer layer. Ultra-slick lubricity adds lasting gloss and shine, and prevents swirls and scratches. Waterless Wash and Shine can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces, adding protection, and preventing fading with UV blockers and sealant protection.
    • Ready to use - no water needed
    • Foaming solution shows you it's working
    • Saves time with simple spray and wipe installation
    • Protective polymers trap dirt and lift away from surface
    • Prevents fading and UV damage with lasting UV protection
    • Enhanced slickness and gloss for a superior shine
    Applications: Safely use on all exterior and interior surfaces: leather, paint, vinyl, plastic trim, glass, wheels, and chrome Instructions 1. Spray 2-3 times in a sweeping motion over one panel and allow solution to sit and foam for a few seconds. 2. Using a dry Optimum™ microfiber towel, wipe away the solution in a linear motion. 3. Fold the microfiber towel to a dry edge, and buff away excess residue.
  •   New Revision 5 Hyper Compound Available!   The new Optimum Hyper™ Compound Revision #5 has the fastest cut while finishing like a polish and works much better than any other compound. Optimum Hyper™ Compound is the first and only spray compound in the marketplace that can remove 1,000 grit and deep scratches in seconds while creating a great finish. Optimum Hyper™ Compound was designed for professional detailers and auto body shops to cut through wet sanding marks and deep scratches in one or two passes. Optimum Hyper™ Compound offers all the advantages of Optimum line of polishes with long working time and low to no dusting. The spray on application provides ease of use and reduces the amount of product needed to a fraction of the traditional products. 2-3 sprays is enough to cover the entire pad making the whole pad do the cutting and eliminating dry buffing. The minor swirls left after using Optimum Hyper™ Compound can easily be removed with the Optimum™ Hyper Polish. Optimum Hyper™ Compound has a long working time to allow complete paint correction with one application. The residue is easily wiped off with a dry or damp microfiber towel. Optimum Hyper™ Compound contains no silicone oils or wax, so it is completely body shop safe. Optimum Hyper™ Compound can be used at any speed on your polisher with a wool or foam pad. When using a wool buffing pad, the compound will remove 1000 grit sand scratches and lighter using an Optimum Hyper™Wool Foam Pad with Zentool DA Polisher at speed of 3-4 or a rotary buffer at 1200-1400 RPM. Faster buffing speed is not needed with this product. When using a medium or heavy cut foam pad, the compound will remove 2,000 sand scratches and lighter with Zentool DA Polisher at speed of 3-4 or a rotary buffer at 1200-1400 RPM. The compound works more or less aggressively depending on the pad you choose. Directions: To remove 1,000 grit or finer sanding marks spray Optimum Hyper™ Compound on the Optimum Hyper™Wool Foam Pad using Zentool DA Polisher at speed of 3-4 or a rotary buffer at 1200-1400 RPM. To remove lighter scratches and swirl marks, spray Optimum Hyper™ Compound on an orange waffle or black waffle foam pad using Zentool DA Polisher at speed of 3-4 or a rotary buffer at 1200-1400 RPM. 1. Shake Well. 2. Use 2-3 sprays initially to prime the pad. After the initial priming, use two sprays per panel. There is no need to apply additional product since Optimum Hyper™ Compound has a long working time and will continue on working to remove the scratches. 3. Use light to medium pressure on the buffer until desired results are achieved. 4. Wipe off residue with a dampened microfiber towel. Follow up with Optimum Hyper Polish to refine the paint surface before applying Optimum Car Wax.
  • The New Optimum RV & Marine Interior Protectant is a unique product that cleans, restores and protects leather and vinyl surfaces as well as moldings. Optimum RV & Marine Interior Protectant contains a balance of cleaners penetrating oils, and UV inhibitors that restore the original color of these surfaces, protect and hide any scratches and protect against Sun damage. Directions: 1. Remove any loose dirt from the surface 2. Spray Optimum RV & Marine Interior Protectant directly on surface and wipe off with an Optimum Microfiber towel. 3. You can also spray Optimum RV & Marine Protectant on a microfiber towel and then apply to the surface.
  • The New RV & Marine Polish

    The New RV & Marine Polish is a unique and powerful polish that will make quick work of removing oxidation and scratches on gelcoat surfaces such as RVs and Boats and leaves a perfect Finish behind. The rapid leveling will leave the Gelcoat clean and ready for adding protection with Optimum Opti-Seal. Optimum RV & Marine Polish can be used as a medium to light compound as well as a finishing polish all in one. When used with Optimum DA and Optimum Hyper Wool pad, it will perform as a medium compound. Follow with the Optimum Orange or Black Pad and get a perfect finish with great gloss! Directions: 1. Shake well before using. 2. Apply 1 to 2 sprays on the pad for each 2 square foot section. 3. Use Optimum DA with medium to heavy pressure for fast cutting, lightening the pressure on the final few passes to create a deeper gloss with no marring. 4. Use a dampened microfiber towel to remove residue.
  • The New RV & Marine Wash

    The New RV & Marine Wash is a super concentrated super strong detergent to clean and remove light gelcoat oxidation and contamination from RVs, boats and other watercrafts. It also works great for cars and other vehicles whenever you want to remove waxes and sealants without affecting Opti-Coat or other ceramic coatings.   Directions:
    1. Rinse Boat or RV to remove loose dirt.
    2. Put 4 gallons of water in a bucket and add 0.5 oz. of Optimum RV & Marine Wash concentrate per gallon and mix.
    3. Wash Boat or RV using the Optimum Big Red Sponge or Optimum Microfiber Towel.
    4. Rinse all the soap off from all the surfaces then dry immediately with Optimum Drying Towel to avoid water spots. Rinse hands after use.
  • Optimum Tire Shine

    Optimum Tire Shine is a water-based, solvent-free, and VOC free formula that provides great shine to tires and vinyl surfaces. While Optimum Tire Shine can be easily sprayed, it has great cling to keep it on the tires. When applied properly, it provides great gloss for tires that lasts a few weeks with no slinging issues. Tire manufacturers recommend against solvent-based tire dressings since solvents can penetrate the tire and leach out and remove its protective UV and ozone components. This will cause yellowing and premature cracking and failure of tires according to the tire manufacturers. Optimum Tire Shine has no chemical solvents and therefore will not cause damage to the tires. Furthermore, Optimum Tire Shine contains the same UV and Ozone protectants that are used in the manufacturing of tires for additional protection against the elements. Optimum Tire Shine contains no chemical solvents or other environmentally hazardous compounds. Optimum Tire Shine contains no VOCs and only the finest methicones that are safe for tires, the consumer, and the environment.
  • Optimum Protectant Plus

    Optimum Protectant Plus is another innovative product from OPT that cleans, restores, and protects leather surfaces, vinyl surfaces, and moldings. Optimum Protectant Plus contains a balance of cleaners, penetrating oils, reactive polymers, and UV inhibitors that restores the original color of these surfaces, protect against and hide any scratches, and protect against sun damage. • Silky to touch • Repels dust • Protects for several weeks • Protects leather • Repairs minor scratches
  • Optimum Power Clean

    • Extremely versatile product. Can be used on interiors, paint, wheels, tires, and engines.
    • Amazing cleaning power but without harsh chemicals that are harmful to vehicles and people
    • Several dilution ratios making it a cost-effective all-purpose cleaner
  • Optimum Paint Prep

    Optimum Paint Prep™ is an excellent cleaner for removing polish or old wax before applying any of Optimum Coatings or any other coatings or waxes. A combination of mild solvents dissolves and removes all the contaminants and leaves the paint squeaky clean and ready for the final protection. Optimum Paint Prep™ does not contain any oils or surfactants and leaves no residue behind. You can use it for cleaning all interior or exterior surfaces whenever a clean surface is desired. Directions: Simply spray Optimum Paint Prep™ on the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a clean dry microfiber towel til there is no residue left. The paint should feel squeaky clean after this step. Repeat the process if needed.
  • Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel is a thick, water-based formula for use on tires, wheel wells, interior and exterior trim, vinyl, and dashboards. It will produce a durable, high gloss shine that is not greasy or attracts dust. Opti-Bond contains no petroleum distillates which are known to crack rubber and vinyl. It contains advanced UV and ozone protectants to shield surfaces from sun damage and environmental pollution. Rubber and vinyl surfaces will remain supple, flexible and retain their color with regular use of Opti-Bond. Application: Opti-Bond Tire Gel can be applied a couple of ways. You can wipe it on with a foam applicator, just like a traditional tire dressing. The other option is to dilute the gel 1:1 with water and apply it with a spray gun and air compressor. The gun will deliver a fine mist over the tires and wheel wells. This is a great option for professional detailers and garages. Wipe away excess tyre gel with a foam pad or a lint-free towel. Available in 8, 32 or 128 fl. oz. sizes.
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