• Purple Foamed Wool

    Optimum Purple Foam Wool Pad is a thick plush pad that works well with Optimum Compound or Optimum Intensive™ Compound to remove 2,000 grit or finer sanding marks in one or two passes. The 1" thickness allows this pad to work with both rotary polishers and Zentool DA Polisher for quickly removing scratches safely and effectively. Clean the pad by using a brush or spur as needed. Available in 6" and 7" diameter.
  • Hyper Wool Rotary

    Optimum's Hyper Wool Rotary Pad is designed for maximum cutting and user comfort. With its integrated foam interface, the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad allows the 1 1/4" thick 4 ply tufted wool cutting surface to conform better to contours and run cooler. The unique integrated interface of the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad also makes for a better user experience with reduced vibration and precision control. Available in both 6 and 8-inch diameters with a centering hole the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad will quickly become your go-to rotary cutting pad.
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