Optimum Clear Coat Restorer (CCR) 9oz. Includes 4 Small Gray Pearl Weave Towels


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Includes 4 Small Gray Pearl Weave Towels.

Optimum Clear Coat Restorer is a single component, self-leveling wipe on clear coat. The simple to use formula is the answer for restoring damaged clear coat paint.

Do not use near flame or while smoking. Do not breathe vapor, dust or mist. Wear an air respirator and eye protection when applying. Use outdoors or use with adequate ventilation. Can cause eye, skin, and respiratory track irritation. Overexposure may cause lung damage and allergic respiratory reaction. May be harmful if inhaled. Close container after use to avoid moisture contamination.

Includes 4 Small Gray Pearl Weave Towels.

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  1. Clean the surface with Optimum Power Clean to remove any greases or waxes.
  2. Decontaminate the surface with an Optimum Clay Towel, Mitt, or Bar.
  3. Compound the paint with Optimum Hyper Compound or Optimum Compound II and a wool pad to abrade the surface. Remove the compound residue.
  4. Wipe surface with Optimum Paint Prep. Make sure surface is dry. Blow out all cracks to remove moisture and dust.
  5. Apply only in a well ventilated area with panel and air temperatures between 60?-85? F (15?-30? C).
  6. Wearing protective eyewear, a respirator rated for organic vapors, and nitrile gloves, saturate the edge of the supplied microfiber applicator with Optimum Clear Coat Restorer (CCR).
  7. Apply in a back and forth motion, keeping the edge of applicator saturated, and working the wet edge one panel at a time. Apply 1-2 coats back to back leveling with the applicator.
  8. Avoid recoating or touching the surface after 5 minutes.
  9. Optimum CCR is dry to the touch in 30 minutes and fully cured in 48 hours.
  10. Allow 12 hours or more before exposing to water or temperatures below 60? F (15? C).
  11. Optimum Clear Coat Restorer can be protected with Optimum Car Wax, Opti-Seal, or Gloss-Coat after 48 hours or more of curing.


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