• Optimum Ultra Ceramic Seal is the most advanced solution to help prevent bonding of environmental contaminants such as hard water deposits, bug splatter, bird droppings, as well as protect automotive finishes from acid rain and other airborne contaminants.
    • Long lasting durability
    • Excellent Hydrophobicity, Slickness, & Gloss
    • Great for most interior and all exterior automotive surfaces
    Optimum Ultra Ceramic Seal creates a super slick, high gloss, and highly hydrophobic surface that keeps automotive surfaces clean and makes subsequent cleaning much easier. Optimum Ultra Ceramic Seal can be used on all the exterior automotive surfaces except for interior glass. It is also safe for use on vinyl wrap and paint protection film.
  • Optimum Opti-Trim™ Protect is a clear hybrid resin coating designed to prevent plastic trim from UV damage. Opti-Trim Protect contains a high level of UV absorbers to help prevent fading of plastic trim and maintain the factory appearance. Opti-Trim Protect also contains special dye additives to restore faded and oxidized trim back to a like-new factory appearance. Additionally, Opti-Trim Protect helps prevent future fading and provides long term protection.
  • Optimum Protectant Plus

    Optimum Protectant Plus is another innovative product from OPT that cleans, restores, and protects leather surfaces, vinyl surfaces, and moldings. Optimum Protectant Plus contains a balance of cleaners, penetrating oils, reactive polymers, and UV inhibitors that restores the original color of these surfaces, protect against and hide any scratches, and protect against sun damage. • Silky to touch • Repels dust • Protects for several weeks • Protects leather • Repairs minor scratches
  • The New & Improved Optimum Tire Protection and Coating is a long-lasting water based tire shine and protectant that is now easier to apply and has better self-leveling properties. One application will last for several months and continues to protect tires from oxidation and aging. Optimum Tire Protection and Coating is silicone free and does not leave an oily film behind and is also paint and body shop safe. DIRECTIONS: Always wear gloves and eye protection. 1. Clean the tire with Optimum Power Clean. Rinse and thoroughly dry. If the surface looks blotchy, clean it a second time. 2. Apply Tire Protection and Coating to the surface evenly, working it into the surface. When first applied it will have a blue tint, it will dry to black. 3. For a glossier appearance apply a second coat after 30-60 minutes. Allow 4 hours to dry before getting wet.
  • Optimum Tire Shine

    Optimum Tire Shine is a water-based, solvent-free, and VOC free formula that provides great shine to tires and vinyl surfaces. While Optimum Tire Shine can be easily sprayed, it has great cling to keep it on the tires. When applied properly, it provides great gloss for tires that lasts a few weeks with no slinging issues. Tire manufacturers recommend against solvent-based tire dressings since solvents can penetrate the tire and leach out and remove its protective UV and ozone components. This will cause yellowing and premature cracking and failure of tires according to the tire manufacturers. Optimum Tire Shine has no chemical solvents and therefore will not cause damage to the tires. Furthermore, Optimum Tire Shine contains the same UV and Ozone protectants that are used in the manufacturing of tires for additional protection against the elements. Optimum Tire Shine contains no chemical solvents or other environmentally hazardous compounds. Optimum Tire Shine contains no VOCs and only the finest methicones that are safe for tires, the consumer, and the environment.
  • Optimum Opti-Seal

    Optimum Opti-Seal is a revolutionary paint sealant that creates unmatched slickness and gloss with just a few drops per vehicle. One ounce completely seals and protects 4-5 cars! This product leaves no residue and requires no buffing. Enjoy months of durable polymer protection with just drops of Opti-Seal. Optimum Opti-Seal is a true paint sealant with no cleaning properties. It seals and protects paint under a crystal clear barrier of cross-linked polymers. Dirt, moisture, oil, and UV radiation are all sealed out of the paint to maintain optimum gloss. It is a spray sealant that provides the durability of traditional sealants in minutes. While it was designed for exterior surfaces, it works equally well for interior leather, vinyl, and fabric/carpet. The science behind Opti-Seal is incredible. The hyper concentrated polymer sealant begins cross-linking as soon as it hits the paint. Opti-Seal flashes almost immediately to leave a polymer film on the paint. Opti-Seal is not a short-cut product. It is a state-of-the-art, stand-alone spray sealant that provides real, durable protection for paint, plastic trim, wheels, glass, and all exterior and interior surfaces (except rubber). This is a last step product, not a maintenance product. After polishing and cleaning, apply Opti-Seal and walk away. Opti-Seal is the only protection your vehicle needs. Opti-Seal is crystal clear in the bottle and on the paint. Applied very thinly, it will not streak or cloud. Simply spray, wipe, and walk away. Opti-Seal leaves absolutely no residue to buff off. Paint protection couldn’t be any easier! Opti-Seal contains no fillers or cleaners. This is a true sealant. If your vehicle has some light imperfections, use Optimum Poli-Seal or Optimum Polish for removing oxidation and any other paint correction. Top the smooth, shiny finish with Opti-Seal for added protection and gloss. Opti-Seal can also be used as a base coat under Optimum Car Wax or any other car wax.
    • Ready to use formula! Just spray on, wipe off and enjoy!
    • Both a cleaner and a protectant. Will provide water repellancy properties after using
    • Can be used to boost Optimum Glass Coating
    • Not for use on interior glass
  • Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect Concentrate is a hyper-concentrated glass cleaner that contains a combination of mild cleaners and an advanced polymer that bonds to glass and other silica based surfaces to add water repellency by lowering the surface tension and protect glass by increasing the coefficient of slip. Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect can be used as a stand-alone glass sealant or as a booster to Optimum Opti-Glass Coating. Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect is designed to chemically bond to silica based surfaces such as automotive glass and provide long term water repellency and improve resistance against scratching and rock chips for up to one year. Use the Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect for subsequent cleaning to increase the longevity of Optimum Opti-Glass Coating indefinitely. Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect is highly concentrated and the 2 oz. bottle should be diluted with water to make one gallon of ready to use product. Once diluted, the regular use will ensure improved visibility and increased chip resistance to make driving safer and more enjoyable. Additionally Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect will prevent ice or snow from bonding to the glass surfaces. Directions: 1.Dilute Optimum Opti-Glass Clean & Protect Concentrate with distilled water to make one gallon of ready to use product. 2. Spray liberally on glass surfaces and wipe down with Optimum Glass Towel till glass surface is completely clean. Not for use on interior glass. (Net: 60 CC
  • Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel is a thick, water-based formula for use on tires, wheel wells, interior and exterior trim, vinyl, and dashboards. It will produce a durable, high gloss shine that is not greasy or attracts dust. Opti-Bond contains no petroleum distillates which are known to crack rubber and vinyl. It contains advanced UV and ozone protectants to shield surfaces from sun damage and environmental pollution. Rubber and vinyl surfaces will remain supple, flexible and retain their color with regular use of Opti-Bond. Application: Opti-Bond Tire Gel can be applied a couple of ways. You can wipe it on with a foam applicator, just like a traditional tire dressing. The other option is to dilute the gel 1:1 with water and apply it with a spray gun and air compressor. The gun will deliver a fine mist over the tires and wheel wells. This is a great option for professional detailers and garages. Wipe away excess tyre gel with a foam pad or a lint-free towel. Available in 8, 32 or 128 fl. oz. sizes.
  • Optimum Opti-Glass Coating is designed to chemically bond to silica based surfaces such as automotive glass and provide long term water repellency and improve resistance against scratching and rock chips for up to one year. Use the Optimum Glass Clean & Protect for subsequent cleaning to increase the longevity of Optimum Opti-Glass Coating indefinitely. Optimum Opti-Glass Coating is highly concentrated and one bottle is enough to cover 20-30 windshields. The improved visibility and the increased chip resistance that Optimum Opti-Glass Coating provides will make driving safer and more enjoyable. Additionally Optimum Opti-Glass Coating will prevent ice or snow from bonding to the glass surfaces. For best results before applying Optimum Opti-Glass Coating make sure the surface of glass is clean and free of any contaminants. Directions: Apply when the temperature is between 60°-90° F (15°-30°C). Do not apply in direct sunlight. 1. Polish glass as needed with Optimum Polish II or Opti-Eraser to remove any bonded contaminants. 2. Wipe down the surface with 15% Isopropanol (Rubbing Alcohol) solution to remove any oils or sealers. 3. Apply an even amount of Optimum Opti-Glass Coating to an applicator pad. 4. Wipe Optimum Opti-Glass Coating onto one half of the windshield at a time in a circular manner. 5. Allow Optimum Opti-Glass Coating to dry for 2 minutes and then wipe off the excess. If you do not remove the excess coating, it will harden and will require polishing to remove it. (Net: 60 CC)
  • Optimum Opti-Lens Coating is the most advanced polymer system that is specifically designed for the protection of headlight lenses. This hybrid resin is a combination of Opti-Coat 2.0 ceramic resin and an acrylic resin for maximum bonding and protection of acrylic and polycarbonate lenses. Additionally Optimum Opti-Lens Coating contains high levels of UV absorbers to minimize discoloration and fading of automotive headlight lenses. Optimum Opti-Lens Coating is highly concentrated and one tube is enough to cover 5-6 sets of headlights. Once applied, Optimum Opti-Lens Coating will form a permanent bond to the surface and can only be removed by polishing or paint removers. Directions: 1. Clean headlights with 15% IPA solution to remove any oils, waxes, or sealants. 2. Remove all the oxidation by sanding and then polishing the headlights with Optimum Polish II or Optimum Hyper Polish. 3. Wipe down the entire lens with a clean damp microfiber towel to remove any polishing residue. 4. Prime the applicator pad by making an X pattern across the pad. Only a few drops will be needed per headlight lens. 5. Wipe Optimum Opti-Lens Coating on the headlight lens in a circular or back and forth direction. 6. Within 5 minutes, inspect the headlight with adequate lighting looking for any thick areas that have not flashed away to clear. 7. Use the foam applicator or an Optimum Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel to wipe down and remove any excess.
  • Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer adds the most gloss and slickness to the paint finish. This water-based, environmentally friendly formula utilizes flouropolymers, which repel dust, dirt, and oil. Regular applications between washes will keep your vehicle looking cleaner and, of course, much slicker! You can use Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss in several ways. Suggested Usage: Use it in conjunction with Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine by spraying it on the panels as you dry the vehicle. This will create a super slick, incredibly glossy finish. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer is also an excellent companion product to Optimum Opti-Seal. Whereas Opti-Seal’s main objective is protection, Optimum Instant Detailer pours on the gloss and slickness. The combination can’t be beat! Wait about 30 minutes after applying Opti-Seal to use Optimum Instant Detailer. After washing the car with Optimum Car Wash, spray your vehicle with Instant Detailer as you towel dry each panel. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer can be used on wet or dry surfaces. Use Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer to maintain the gloss and boost the protection of Optimum Car Wax. In fact, Instant Detailer can be used on paint, metal, glass, and plastics. Available in 17 fl. oz. spray bottle, 32 fl. oz. concentrate (makes 1 gal.) and 128 fl. oz. concentrate (makes 4 gal.).
  • The New & Improved Optimum Gelcoat Restorer is engineered to return Gelcoat to its original factory finish without the need for polishing. The new formula is easier to apply and levels itself better for faster application times and a more even application. Optimum Gelcoat Restorer ("GCR") rebuilds the Gelcoat keeping the original thickness and restoring the gloss as before while adding additional UV protection to protect from oxidation. Directions: 1. Remove loose oxidation using pure Optimum Power Clean and a brush or mild scuff pad. 2. Rinse the surface thoroughly and dry. 3. Wearing gloves and eye protection, apply GCR to the surface in overlapping circular motions. If the Gelcoat was heavily oxidized, the GCR will soak in. Do not over apply, first coats should be very thin. Use a pearl weave, low nap towel for application. 4. Once dry to the touch (20-30 minutes), apply a second coat. Apply directly onto towel, not on panel. A sprayer can be attached to GCR bottle or product transferred for application. When the applicator begins to drag, add more product. 5. Depending on the level of oxidation, up to 5 coats may be required. Last pass, apply in straight lines. 6. To maintain the restored surface, wash with Optimum No Rinse (ONR) and apply Optimum Car Wax regularly. 7. One bottle of GCR is enough for 4 coats on a 40’ Boat or RV. Gelcoat Hints: • Thin coats and multiple coats (up to 5) • Only use on old/fading gelcoat • Can be applied in bright sunlight. • Sticky/spotty if too much applied • Use DAMP pearl weave towels, low nap, for smoother application. • 2-3 year durability (wax every 6 months) – Absorbs into the gel coat and restores from the inside out. • It’s acrylic based. • To remove streaking, polish with Hyper Polish and orange foam pad (or if necessary, move up to Intensive Polish). There are four major points for best application for GCR: 1. The condition of the Gelcoat – Will GCR work on it or not? Gelcoat Restorer is made for heavily oxidized paint. New Gelcoat isn’t porous as old, oxidized Gelcoat so it won’t accept the product, whether it is clear or colored Gelcoat. 2. Removing this oxidized Gelcoat is essential for the pores to accept the coating, exactly like prepping paint for coating, with concentrated Power Clean and white scuff pad. 3. The amount of product also essential, multiple moderate layers are better than one thick coat, both will streak. After removing the oxidized layer, the Gelcoat will look clean but dull. After 1-3 layers there may not be much gloss. Layers 4-5, the gloss will improve. 4. What you apply with is as important as the amount, a DAMP pearl weave towel or low nap MF applicator is the best way to apply GCR.
  • Optimum Gloss-Coat

    NEW FORMULA The new Optimum Gloss-Coat™ has added Ceramic polymers and is the most advanced polymer system that forms a layer of clear coat over automotive finishes. The new Optimum Gloss-Coat™ provides better scratch and mar resistance, better UV resistance, better chemical etch resistance, and has better release properties than any other consumer Ceramic product while providing unsurpassed gloss and slickness. Additionally, you can top the new Optimum Gloss-Coat™ with any non-abrasive wax or sealant of your choice to add additional gloss and slickness. Optimum Gloss-Coat™ can be used to protect the following surfaces: • painted surfaces • wheels • plastic trim • bumpers • aluminum & chrome surfaces Since Optimum Gloss-Coat™ bonds to surfaces it is applied to, any paint imperfections must be removed with Optimum Hyper Polish before application. Also, all waxes and oils must be removed from the surfaces for proper bonding. Not recommended for glass.        
  • Optimum Car Wax

    Optimum Car Wax is the only spray car wax that provides the durability of a paste wax and long-lasting UV protection. A combination of high-grade Carnauba wax, sealant polymers and UV inhibitors forms a protective layer on the painted surface to protect the paint from sun damage and environmental elements for up to 5 months. Key Benefits: Easy to Use Takes Less than 15 minutes to wax the whole car. No buffing required. No residues to remove. Durable 1 application lasts up to 5 months UV Protection Helps reduce fading Non-Abrasive Will not create swirl marks like traditional car wax/polishes Environmentally Friendly Contains no harsh chemicals or VOC's Performance Guaranteed If not completely satisfied with performance, purchase price will be refunded. Optimum Car Wax is currently used by many car washes and detail shops. The superior performance, ease of application, and no messy residue are just some of the reasons these professionals prefer Optimum Car Wax over all other products in the marketplace.
    • A powerful but safe formula that makes dirt just disappear!
    • Built-in polymers wrap around the carpet fibers to protect them after cleaning
    • Concentrated formula dilutable to 3:1 for most interiors
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