• Optimum Car Wash

    • Highly concentrated formula only requiring .5 oz per gallon (15ml to 4-5 liters) to produce results
    • pH neutral soap will not strip protection
    • Highly foamable formula is perfect for foam cannons
    • Bio-degradable ingredients making it safe to use anywhere
    • Most versatile product in the detailing industry. Will save money and time.
    • Faster, safer washing
    • Eco-friendly and saves water
    • Extremely concentrated formula that has a variety of uses and dilutions. See below for common dilution ratios.
    • Greater lubricity
    • More gloss and protection than before!
  • Optimum MDR™ Mineral Deposit Remover is the most advanced cleaner that dissolves and removes mineral deposits and other contaminants from exterior automotive surfaces. It is a non-abrasive chemical cleaner that will dissolve and remove water based contaminants without the need to polish or abrade the surface. Simply wipe Optimum MDR™ on painted or other automotive surfaces to dissolve and remove minerals. A combination of acids and cleaning agents will break down and dissolve these contaminants and make the surface clean and smooth again witout affecting or removing paint! Directions: Pour Optimum MDR™ on a clean microfiber towel or foam applicator. Wipe on the surface and work it in for 30 - 60 seconds. Wipe off the residue and check to see if the surface is clean and free of mineral deposits. Repeat the above steps as required to remove any remaining contaminants. Wash the surface to remove any remaining chemical residue.
    • One step washing and waxing formula
    • Super safe wash formula
    • Extremely concentrated formula
    • Carnauba wax formula means fantastic shine in less time
    • A powerful but safe formula that makes dirt just disappear!
    • Built-in polymers wrap around the carpet fibers to protect them after cleaning
    • Concentrated formula dilutable to 3:1 for most interiors
    • Ready to use formula! Just spray on, wipe off and enjoy!
    • Both a cleaner and a protectant. Will provide water repellancy properties after using
    • Can be used to boost Optimum Glass Coating
    • Not for use on interior glass
  • Optimum Opti-Clean

    Optimum Opti-Clean is the most advanced waterless wash in the marketplace. It is designed to wipe away dirt and grime from automotive paint and other surfaces safely and effectively in a spray and wipe application. Optimum Opti-Clean contains the same proven polymer system that is used in the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine as well as additional polymers that add greater lubricity and protection to the paint. Simply spray Optimum Opti-Clean on any surface and wipe off with a plush microfiber towel till the area is clean and dry. Optimum Opti-Clean is available in ready to use 18 oz. size or in 4x concentrate in 32 oz. and gallon sizes. Simply spray Optimum Opti-Clean liberally on the painted surfaces and wipe with a clean plush microfiber towel. The substantive polymers encapsulate the dirt and grime to protect the paint from marring while lubricating and bonding to the painted and other automotive surfaces to provide greater protection while leaving a slick glossy finish behind.
  • Optimum Paint Prep

    Optimum Paint Prep™ is an excellent cleaner for removing polish or old wax before applying any of Optimum Coatings or any other coatings or waxes. A combination of mild solvents dissolves and removes all the contaminants and leaves the paint squeaky clean and ready for the final protection. Optimum Paint Prep™ does not contain any oils or surfactants and leaves no residue behind. You can use it for cleaning all interior or exterior surfaces whenever a clean surface is desired. Directions: Simply spray Optimum Paint Prep™ on the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a clean dry microfiber towel til there is no residue left. The paint should feel squeaky clean after this step. Repeat the process if needed.
  • Optimum Power Clean

    • Extremely versatile product. Can be used on interiors, paint, wheels, tires, and engines.
    • Amazing cleaning power but without harsh chemicals that are harmful to vehicles and people
    • Several dilution ratios making it a cost-effective all-purpose cleaner
  • Optimum™ Waterless Wash and Shine Car Wash allows you to safely wash your car anywhere, anytime-without water. This spray and wipe solution is formulated with proprietary polymers that encapsulate dirt and lift it away from the surface, leaving behind a protective polymer layer. Ultra-slick lubricity adds lasting gloss and shine, and prevents swirls and scratches. Waterless Wash and Shine can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces, adding protection, and preventing fading with UV blockers and sealant protection.
    • Ready to use - no water needed
    • Foaming solution shows you it's working
    • Saves time with simple spray and wipe installation
    • Protective polymers trap dirt and lift away from surface
    • Prevents fading and UV damage with lasting UV protection
    • Enhanced slickness and gloss for a superior shine
    Applications: Safely use on all exterior and interior surfaces: leather, paint, vinyl, plastic trim, glass, wheels, and chrome Instructions 1. Spray 2-3 times in a sweeping motion over one panel and allow solution to sit and foam for a few seconds. 2. Using a dry Optimum™ microfiber towel, wipe away the solution in a linear motion. 3. Fold the microfiber towel to a dry edge, and buff away excess residue.
  • Optimum Interior Cleaner

    Optimum Interior Cleaner is the ultimate solution for maintaining the condition of your vehicle's interior. This advanced formula is specifically designed to effectively clean all interior surfaces, including leather, without damage or discoloration. You can confidently apply Interior Cleaner to a wide range of materials, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, dashboard components, fabric, and plastic trim. Its innovative composition features specialized polymers that trap and gently lift contaminants away from the surfaces. With a simple wipe, remove dirt, greasy residues, fingerprints, and dust, leaving behind a spotless and refreshed finish.
    • Safely Clean All Interior Surfaces Including Leather
    • Easy Spray and Wipe Application
    • Polymers Trap and Lift Dirt to Protect Surfaces as You Clean
    Directions: 1. Vacuum and/or remove any large contaminants from the vehicle interior. 2. Spray working surface with a mist of product. 3. Using a clean Optimum microfiber towel, wipe away excess product. 4. For stubborn stains, repeat application. After Care: After cleaning with Optimum Interior Cleaner, follow with Optimum Interior Protectant for surface restoration and UV protection.
  • Optimum Power Wheel and Tire Cleaner is a must for any professional or enthusiast when it comes to wheel and tire cleaning. The acid-free formula is safe for use on all wheel types, including sensitive aluminum wheels. Formulated with a proprietary blend of polymers, Power Wheel Cleaner traps dirt on wheel and tire surfaces and lifts it away, ensuring that the surface is protected from marring while you agitate. Experience the remarkable power of Power Wheel Cleaner as its fast-foaming action breaks-up brake dust, oil, dirt, and even light corrosion, leaving behind a flawless, spot-free finish. Elevate your tire care routine with Power Wheel Cleaner-the ideal prep step for applying Opti-Bond Tire Dressing or Optimum Tire Shine.
    • Spray Application for Quick and Effective Wheel and Tire Cleaning
    • Acid-Free Formula is Safe on All Wheel Types
    • Breaks-up Stubborn Brake Dust, Oil, Dirt, and Light Corrosion
    • Polymers Encapsulate Dirt to Protect Finishes While Cleaning
    • Perfect Tire Prep Before Applying Tire Dressing
    Directions: 1. Spray product generously over wheels and tires, coating the surfaces. 2. Allow product to sit for 1 minute. 3. Wheel Application: Agitate the wheel surface lightly with an Optimum wheel brush to remove any stubborn residues. 4. Tire Application: Agitate the tire surface with an Optimum wheel brush, or for a deeper clean, use a drill with wheel brush attachment. 5. Rinse surface thoroughly and dry wheel surfaces with a microfiber towel. 6. Allow tire surfaces to dry completely before applying Optimum tire dressing.  
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